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Meeting Planners and Show Producers

January 3, 2017

We love Event Planners and Show Producers. We want to help you stay within your budget and deliver a flawless event! At C3LE we understand that you need great service, attention to detail, flexibility, superior equipment and a production staff that takes headaches away rather than causing them. Our staff includes former meeting planners (We understand your challenges – we REALLY do!), seasoned technicians who are experts with the gear they operate, experienced CAD and computer graphics operators, creative designers and a whole host of others at your service. Need room drawings? No problem! Need an idea to spice up an otherwise boring event? Right away! We understand that your responsibility and expertise is in the planning of the event – you don’t have to come up with every good idea – we can help! We are Planner & Producer Friendly.. and we speak your language fluently.

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