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In-House Hotel AV vs. Outside AV Provider

December 20, 2016

Using a hotel or conference center’s in-house audio visual equipment and staff may seem like a quick and easy solution for professional meeting planners. By working with an outside provider, though, meeting planners can consistently save on costs and expect great service. Here are the top seven reasons to consider using an outside AV provider for your event rental needs. There are many benefits to using an outside AV provider (not to mention avoiding mini-bar prices for inferior service/equipment).

#1. Because you can

The in-house supplier is not the only option. Many venues make commission when booking audio visual services through a contracted in-house provider, and that’s why those facilities recommend those certain providers.

A venue cannot prevent you from bringing in your own rental company, however, and negotiating any restrictive clauses out of the contract is easy to do (call us to get the tips/info to negotiate that process). Regardless of which provider you choose, it’s a good idea to bring outside quotes into your negotiations to potentially drive down in-house costs.

#2. Latest equipment & technology 

Outside AV rental providers, such as C3AV, constantly purchase new equipment and phase out older or worn-out products. You’re much more likely to get the best and most technologically advanced equipment when you work with a nationwide partner. Even if you don’t need the newest projector or laptop, an outside AV company will have a number of options so you can choose the exact model that fits your needs.

#3. Onsite technicians are dedicated to your event

In-house AV companies at hotels are often responsible for multiple events happening in the same venue and at the same time. By bringing in an outside provider of your choice, you get "dedicated" support for your event. A company like C3AV is solely focussed on your event, not the event happening next door or in a break-out room down the hall. Hiring your preferred outside AV provider will ensure you continue to get the support you need throughout your event.

#4. Last minute additions are easy to manage

No matter how carefully planned the event, sometimes last minute gear additions become necessary. While in-house providers may have a store of equipment onsite, the specific gear you need may not be there or may already be in use at another of the venue’s events. An outside provider like C3AV has numerous equipment options and partners across the country and can accommodate nearly any last-minute request, and you won't be charged "mini-bar" prices.

 #5. More equipment & service options

An outside AV company will have many more options for AV technology equipment and services. This allows you to select different price options in order to stay within your budget. In addition, with a variety of equipment rentals available and our access to partners nationwide, you’re sure to get exactly what you need to fit your event specifications.

 #6. No surprise fees added after the event

When you book your event with an outside AV provider like C3AV, you’ll never be surprised by extra costs after the event. On the other hand, many times in-house providers will bill things like extra technician time without letting the client know... and in almost all cases in-house AV providers charge a 21% production fee and an 18% service/gratuity fee to your AV bill - that's an extra 39%. A good outside AV provider will always get approval for changes in advance so you’re never surprised... and they will never charge extra "gouging fees" that have nothing to do with actual services provided or your bottom line.

 #7. Pricing is consistent nationwide

Nationwide AV rentals & services: In-house AV costs, services, and equipment often vary depending on location. For those planning events in multiple cities, you can save money by using an outside AV company that provides consistency on-site, one-point of contact, and flat-rate pricing in every venue where your events are held.

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